Our business strategically focuses on being socially responsible and commercially driven, but doing so genuinely and effectively requires the clear vision we believe in. Committed to our mission, effectively develop property entrepreneurs to consider the local environment long term. As a business we take our responsibility seriously, positively affecting the activity gives us a good image and professionalism with the community. Now operating online, that part of the business looks at the internal environment, with workplace diversity, technological changes in today’s demands for better effective human interaction even in the virtual space online. 

The size of our projects does not so much affect the world on the outside as much as it is growing online on the inside environment. Drawing inspiration and input from other property industrial leaders to the innovative thinking of helping those working online to care just as much how we affect the world; we still depend on the world outside for our survival. This topic will only increase in need for greater awareness as we see what is happening to the Amazon forest fires. With buildings accounting for 40% of global carbon emissions, we believe our responsibility goes far beyond traditional narrow goals centred on energy, water, waste, and the rain forest. We contribute to the WWF (Worldwide Funds and RFS (Royal Forestry Society).      

We share and echo the concerns as stated by RFS.org.uk; There is urgency to adapting our woodlands to climate change. Chair of the Forestry Climate Change Working Group (FCCWG), Simon Lloyd, said: “Since the Climate Change Adaptation Plan was published a year ago by the FCCWG there have been a number of high-level reports charting the speed of climate change together with the Government’s recognition that we are facing a Climate Emergency”.


Environment Agency launches future of rivers consultation.

The Environment Agency has invited the public to share their views and ideas on the future of our water environment and rivers through its ‘Challenges and Choices’ consultation, launched today (Thursday 24 October).

‘Challenges and Choices’ will compile the views to show that choices are made to overcome the environmental challenges faced by our whole water environment. It will look at measures on how we can all adapt to a changing climate and will outline the current challenges we are facing, including:

  • River flow
  • Climate change and the biodiversity crisis
  • Chemicals in the water environment
  • Pollution in our waters
  • Invasive non-native species
  • Physical modifications to our river habitats
  • Ways of working

Regulator calls on businesses to do more to protect the environment.

The Environment Agency’s (EA) annual Regulating for People, Environment and Growth (RPEG) report reveals that greenhouse gas emissions from industry have been cut by half in the last 10 years and compliance rates of energy efficiency and emissions trading schemes are above 98%.

It also shows 92% of operators showed good compliance with their environmental permit conditions. A record 72% of the waste produced by activities with permits was recovered, and high levels of bathing water quality have been maintained.

The report highlights:

  • there were 533 serious pollution incidents in 2018, 14% fewer than 10 years ago, but 27% more than in 2017
  • 912 illegal waste sites were closed down by the EA last year, a 12% increase on previous year
  • 896 new illegal waste sites were discovered last year, blotting the country’s landscapes and undercutting legitimate businesses