We want to share our experience in keeping others safe in these tumult times and not blinded by the hype within the property industry.  Where are those who have made losses, why are they not telling you what happened, perhaps the embarrassment of losing thousands of pounds? We offer FREE Training, so take full advantage to avoid the inevitable danger of stepping into the property business without first receiving some FREE training at the very least.

Do not be fooled by those loud noises, and neither should you, whilst thinking of the opportunities that everyone dreams of.  Use the safety net we provide, walk the path of experience unto profitability. We don’t blame the market, the economy or expect magic, we kindly warn anyone not to enter the property market without some form of training, neither a training that will not burn their pocket by thousands of pounds.  Don’t be fooled with hyped, there are very expensive training out there.  We have seen it and sadly it is still being bought by those seeking shortcuts and promised guaranteed success that does not exist.  Safety of opportunities lies within organised planning to teach you the safety road to entrepreneur property success. We invite you to our Free Webinar; how to start in property and avoid the property pitfall.  





Prime Life Enterprise welcomes investors with a min of £25,000 to enter a joint venture agreement.  The Greater investment is primarily for buying a property, refurbish it and rent to potential clients.

A solicitor would legalise the joint venture and, with the conditions of a breakout clause, specified in the contract.       

Rules of engagements are as follows;

  1. Speak to an independent person to ensure you are in the right mindset to enter any joint venture,
  2. Review personal financial  status to ensure you can enter this joint venture,
  3. Meetwith Prime Life Enterprise Ltd to make our acquaintance,
  4. Look at projectst o invest in,
  5. Seek independent advicea fter meetings,
  6. Agree with the joint venture T&C(Terms and conditions),
  7. Sign a contractsend the funds through the solicitor and start.