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We believe in developing, creating Entrepreneurs and to sustain their progression. The future of all businesses would heavily depend on the attitude and creativity of entrepreneurs. The time is already here where it is no longer about what a job has to offer, with computer technologies on the rise, jobs are quickly being replaced and permanent loss to the job market. Everyone needs to look more closely at their future, implement the mindset of a positive attitude and accept the reality to re-invent themselves. Gone are the days of job security, peace of mind and comforts based on an organisation’s perks and handouts. The call is out, with demands for the rise of entrepreneurs is now.

Our strategy and brand allow all students to realise their potential and adopt a self-reliant attitude to help themselves, to ‘think outside the box’. Take the initiatives, be creative, explore available routes, avenues to discover themselves now and prepare them to face the inevitable future.

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Entrepreneur Traits

Entrepreneurs have traits and the responsibility is solely theirs to prove it, by demonstrating it through superior performance.

‘I can’; is a statement of ability, ‘I will’; is a statement of desires, ‘I do’ is the statement of action now in becoming the entrepreneur by deeds, not by words. We encourage entrepreneurs to prove the following ‘words in action’;

Attitude and attribute
Determine behaviour
Consciously change when required
Desire to achieve goals
Endure the journey
Faith to face the challenges
Set clear Goals
Habit to complete routines
Imagination and initiative to act
Just do it, get on with it
Keep it simple to manage it well
Love what you do with purpose
Motivation, is yours intrinsic or extrinsic?
Never give up
Organise your time in chucks
Plan the day, week and month
Question, ‘do you think….’ etc?


Talent is an important acquisition to gain, we deliver training to entrepreneurs, to achieve their full potential and expect 100% efforts on their part to develop themselves. The dinosaur way of organisational thinking was; ‘we give them training thus it means everyone should perform to an excellent standard’. This myth has helped large organisations to become extinct, others who are still thinking in this manner would soon cease to exist.

We hold a sound position on the fact that everyone has the responsibility to show what they have learned and furthermore to use this knowledge to be creative, develop talents in becoming a high-quality product of themselves with a superior attitude to succeed.

The branding of our business is our responsibility and anyone who associates themselves with us; we demand the same behavioural respect to building themselves equally worthy of our brand, themselves and self-respect.