Who is it for?

This Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme is Free; however, it is worth mentioning we invest approximately 100 hours managing it every week, we, therefore, have a criteria for entry.

  1. We need to know the real you and your life goals, NOT resume or C.V,
  2. Your level of commitment to this apprenticeship – how many hours can you really invest in yourself to learn?
  3. This apprenticeship is practical not a paper exercise,
  4. Requiring regular and consistent efforts,
  5. We are looking to help determine and motivated individuals who are not just looking to complete a 3-months prison sentence for the sake of having it on Resume or C.V,
  6. Requiring regular communication at least 2 -3 times week, if less, informed us,
  7. This is a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme – fully managed online on Social Media and with weekly practical assignments.

Should this be a good description of you, please consider the benefit of growing and developing your vision of success with us.

Programme Agenda

 (3 levels – a. basic [bronze], b. intermediate [silver], c. Advance [gold])

Depending on progress, performance and individual needs

  1. Social Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Youtube / Google searches
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. SM ads
  6. Heroes
  7. Copywriting & copy editing
  8. Blogging
  9. Vlog
  10. Fb and Youtube Ad
  11. Website design
  12. Analytics & SEO
  13. Email Marketing
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Business Entrepreneur

And beyond………

  1. -Website
  2. -Wordpress & Coding
  3. E-commerce
  4. -Landing pages & conversion

What would you gain?

As this is practical you would gain knowledge of digital marketing in its practical form, coaching on how to use the skills and knowledge.  You would gain real application experience and confidence so that one day you could use this model for your own future success.  Immediately to add value to your efforts;

  1. Your name would be added to our team Chart online
  2. Direct association with a business
  3. Reference from us
  4. Apprenticeship Certificate
  5. Business opportunity (long-term)

The Apprenticeship 

Please allow me to share more with you, by requesting a ‘Friend Request’ with me ‘Melvin Mayard’ on Facebook, this will then allow me to invite you to our Private Page for the Apprenticeship (it’s not my personal page). The digital marketing Apprenticeship Programme is set up on our Facebook private pages. First, students are taken through the process of introducing the programme and strategy in 2 webinar videos and we then have a chat to see how we could help you achieve your goals.

The apprenticeship is designed primarily to teach and give practical experience, deliver a ‘Digital Marketing Business Model’ in three parts; bronze, silver and gold certificate is awarded upon completion. In the future, the students could use this model for their own online success. The course is practical, and requires a positive attitude in learning to be successful.

It is also designed to develop the entrepreneur within the students, at the right moment offering several options for engaging in partnering with us, depending on one’s educational qualification and attitude to entrepreneurship and progression. We are continuously improving the programme and our business, look at the links; vision and Career at the bottom of our website www.primelife.co.uk

We like to stress the point of our focus, to help the students with long term vision. We emphasise having the right attitude of demonstrating medium to long term commitment and being motivationally responsible to maintain momentum in the programme.

The expectation

The expectations should be mutual, to have a win-win attitude which is explained in 2 webinar videos and an Entry Test.  You would be invited onto our Private Page (PLE step 0, depends if you have made a ‘Friend’s request’ with me on Facebook).  Within the post of the page;

  1. There are 2 videos on 2 separate webinars (please take notes)
  2. In the post, there is a link to a ‘google drive’, there is also a ‘Test’ to be completed.
  3. Send the answers to hr@primelife.co.uk.

The entry

The entry requirements is at least 80% pass mark, we could then have a 1-2-1 chat to discuss your goals further and for us to get to know you better, how we could help you with your goals in a medium to long term period.

Once again, we do not do short term magic over 3 months, we need to know you have the right attitude and maturity in understanding this achievement is medium to long term.  Please also note there are no shortcuts or a way around the system and process we have set up.

  1. Friend’s request on Facebook
  2. Invite to ‘PLE step 0’ for the Webinar and Test
  3. Passing the test leads to a 1-2-1 chat
  4. Invitation unto PLE step 1, Sign Apprenticeship contract
  5. Invitation to further PLE steps to complete assignments
  6. Participation and role to build personal value
  7. Recognition on Team Chart for credibility
  8. Letter of Reference
  9. Award Certificate for Completion

Hopefully, we would see you progress unto ‘PLE Step 1’ and onwards, pressing forward to a brighter future.

Our Philosophy 

  • Everyone is an entrepreneur

We strongly believe in developing and creating Entrepreneurs and to sustain their progression. The future of all businesses would heavily be dependent on the attitude and creativity of entrepreneurs.  The time is already here where It is no longer about what a job can offer, as computers and technologies increase, jobs will be replaced and retain a permanent loss to the job market.  The individual would need to look more closely to the future and implement the necessary mindset of a positive attitude and accept the reality to re-invent themselves.  Gone are the days of job security, peace of mind and comforts based on an organisation’s perks and handouts. The call for and the demand for the rise of entrepreneurs in now.

Our strategy and brand, allow students to realise their potential and adopt a self-reliant attitude to help themselves, to think outside the box.  Take the initiatives, be creative, explore routes and avenues to discover themselves now and prepare them to face the inevitable future.

The branding of our business is our responsibility and anyone who associates themselves with us; we demand the same behavioural respect to building themselves equally worthy of our brand, more importantly themselves and self-respect.


  • Has to be demonstrated and accounted for

Talent is an important acquisition to be acquired, we deliver training to entrepreneurs, to achieve their full potential and expect 100% efforts on their part to develop themselves.  The dinosaur way of organisational thinking was; ‘we give them training thus it means everyone should perform to an excellent standard’.  This myth has helped large organisations to become extinct, others who are still thinking in this manner would soon cease to exist.

We hold a strong position on the fact that everyone has the responsibility to demonstrate what they have learned and furthermore to use this knowledge to be creative, develop talents in becoming a high-quality product of themselves with a superior attitude to succeed.

Entrepreneur Traits

  • Qualities and characteristics that can be learnt

We believe entrepreneurs have traits and the responsibility is solely theirs to prove it, by demonstrating it through superior performance.

‘I can’; is a statement of ability, ‘I will’; is a statement of desires, ‘I do’ is the statement of action now in becoming the entrepreneur by deeds not by words.   We encourage entrepreneurs to prove the following ‘words in action’;

  • Attitude and attribute
  • Determine behaviour
  • Consciously change when required
  • Desire to achieve goals
  • Endure the journey
  • Faith to face the challenges
  • Set clear Goals
  • Habit to complete routines
  • Imagination and initiative to act
  • Just do it, get on with it
  • Keep it simple to manage it well
  • Love what you do, find the reason
  • Motivation, is yours intrinsic or extrinsic?
  • Never give up
  • Organise your time in chucks
  • Plan the day, week and month
  • Question, ‘do you think….’ etc.

 Become a Training Partner

  • Don’t ask what we can do for you but what you can do to help?

True entrepreneurs always have a little something of their passion to share for free with others, allowing the world to become a better place with one small step for man and a giant step of love for mankind.

Reasons to join forces and partner with us;

  • Teaching the effective use of technology
  • Create a continuous learning culture
  • Positive attitude to achieve
  • Love the world we live in enough to make a difference
  • Creating a global community company
  • Believe in creation
  • Cultivate growth and progress
  • Seek abundance
  • First learn to serve and then be served
  • Realising the future begins now

What do you have to offer?

  • A gift for the world 

Frist, serve humanity then seek to be served and be rewarded.  Remember how you want to save the world and make it a better place? Well here is your opportunity to join us is free and does exactly that. Align your vision with us Long Term to make the world a better place, this is a True Entrepreneurial spirit with no immediate monetary gain at first, purely for the love of saving the world.  This love towards humanity cannot be bought!  The love of contributing a little bit of time to serve those in need of online training.  To help students of all ages to help themselves, together all of us can make it a better place, taking one further step to reduce poverty by teaching more people to learn and gain skills and then implement their knowledge online.

Those who wish to be an ‘Entrepreneur Education Partner’ (EEP) with us, qualifying Test requirements are based on your;

  • 1stPriorities (2 mins)
  • 2ndValues (5 mins)
  • 3rdQualities (10 mins)
  • 4thVideo profile (1 day)

Successful candidates would receive a free Personal Development Training (PDT) concentrating on transforming the Mind and bring the Genius out in the open. To think like never before, to raise the personal standard in delivering true value, service and then help others to help themselves, helping you to become the better version of yourself.

Any comment please feel free to write to us at hr@primelife.co.uk