We don’t offer a job but entrepreneurship.  Those who are able to prove themselves to be the best, well, then it is our pleasure to join them with us unto bigger and better creative ventures, to impress and impact the local communities and the world at large.  A worthy idea is worth investments and taken to the open world and offered as a service method to gain a worthy reward.  We invite entrepreneurs to work with us or better still to support new initiatives for high reward in a world forever progressing and in need of excellent services.

Apprentice Entrepreneur Programme

The Apprentice Entrepreneur Programme is in the Digital Marketing Arena, designed for the students to gain experience and skills, medium to long term advantage. Our aim is to develop entrepreneurs; we believe True Entrepreneurship is defined as ‘dedication to one’s own development in mind and an actual project’ and this dedication cannot be bought. As the primary statement and focus we provide entrepreneurship not a Job, we seek to reward competencies; skills, confidence level of experience or expertise. Proof of competent skills that may be of benefit to us are rewarded conditionally upon the level of competence; by deeds, not by words.

Social Media apprentices works online with full flexibility without boundary, can be anywhere in the world. The Media Filming Team, works in close proximity within the City of Liverpool boundary with their own ability to travel. Graphic designer needs to be seated behind a computer or laptop, film editor work at a comfortable place to accomplish their task and a camera person can decide where to film etc.

The advantages and purpose of this apprenticeship – ‘Entrepreneur Education’ in developing Entrepreneurs to;

  • Learn digital marketing (DM)
  • Develop their talents
  • Understand how to use DM to promote/sell
  • Practice different aspects of DM with us
  • Build credibility by associating with us
  • Add significant weights to their profile   
  • To be recruited by a large organisation
  • Gain the confidence to develop and sell their products/services

Ultimately, it’s about your success, we want to help develop your Entrepreneurial competence in Digital Marketing.    

This apprenticeship is designed to deliver a success model that would prove to be beneficial for your personal future success.

There are three stages and certificate; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Rewarded accordingly; medium-term (4-5 months) to long-term (6+ months) with experience, demonstrated skills and
responsibility, enough to work with us in the future should you qualify.     

There is no time restriction with application to our apprenticeship entrepreneurial programme to forcefully allow our business to grown, creating new positions, allowing change with time and talents.  Students entrepreneur are encouraged to remain flexible with how much time they can afford to put aside without interfering with their main studies that should remain their priority focus.

Those who apply would go through the Company Introduction and finally the Company Induction (for the media crew this would include a further Media Presentation), to allow students to discover where they fit with our vision.  Should they feel it’s their passion, we would then enrol them into the programme.

N.B we are not looking for persons of general interest or curious in the subject, rather those with a real passion and a burning desire to further develop their experience for a secured and promising future.           

Melvin Mayard state; There is no equal to this Apprentice Entrepreneur Programme out there, if anyone believes there is or has a better programme, I invite you to prove it to me!   

Strong Entrepreneurial Organisation

Gone are the days of preaching and not practicing it, false belief of pushing training down the throat of employees to claim some form of success.  For decade organisations have had to manage the employee training, falling to adjust to technological advantage.

We honestly believe entrepreneurs hold the sole rights, responsibility and the ultimate power to become who they are claiming to be or want to become.    No organization can own a person although there is this false notion in a contract of sworn loyalty for time and service.  A strong organization of entrepreneurs is found in the heart of the entrepreneurs.  Our strength is Entrepreneurs at Heart.

Our Philosophy

• Everyone is an entrepreneur

We strongly believe in developing and creating Entrepreneurs and to sustain their progression. The future of all businesses would heavily be dependent on the attitude and creativity of entrepreneurs.  The time is already here where It is no longer about what a job can offer, as computers and technologies increase, jobs will be replaced and retain a permanent loss to the job market.  The individual would need to look more closely to the future and implement the necessary mindset of a positive attitude and accept the reality to re-invent themselves.  Gone are the days of job security, peace of mind and comforts based on an organisation’s perks and handouts. The call for and the demand for the rise of entrepreneurs in now.  

Our strategy and brand, allow students to realise their potential and adopt a self-reliant attitude to help themselves, to think outside the box.  Take the initiatives, be creative, explore routes and avenues to discover themselves now and preparing them to face the inevitable future.

The branding of our business is our responsibility and anyone who associate themselves with us; we demand the same behavioural respect to building themselves equally worthy of our brand.

•Everyone is an entrepreneur

Has to be demonstrated and accounted for

Talent is an important acquisition to be acquired, we deliver training to entrepreneurs, to achieve their full potential and expect 100% efforts on their part to develop themselves.  The dinosaur way of organisational thinking was, we give them training thus it means everyone should perform at an excellent standard.  This myth has helped large organisations to become extinct, others who are still thinking in this manner would soon cease to exist.

We hold a strong position on the fact that everyone has the responsibility to demonstrate what they have learned and furthermore to use this knowledge to be creative in becoming a high-quality product of themselves with a superior attitude to succeed.

Entrepreneur Traits

Qualities and characteristics that can be learnt

We believe entrepreneurs have traits and the responsibility is solely their responsibility to prove it, by demonstrating it through superior performance.  ‘I can’; is a statement of ability, ‘I will’; is a statement of desires, ‘I do’ is the statement of action now in becoming the entrepreneur by deeds not by words.   We encourage entrepreneurs to prove the following ‘words in action’;

  • Attitude and attribute
  • Determine behaviour
  • Consciously change when required
  • Desire to achieve goals
  • Endure the journey
  • Faith to face the challenges
  • Set clear Goals
  • Habit to complete routines
  • Imagination and initiative to act
  • Just do it, get on with it
  • Keep it simple to manage it well
  • Love what you do, find the reason
  • Motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Never give up
  • Organise time in chucks
  • Plan the day, week and month
  • Question, ‘you don’t think…’